Watch-it Viper

The Watch-it Viper.

Prevents electrical fires before they start.


What is the connection between the deaths of 14 elderly residents in a Scottish care home, the destruction of one of England's finest 18th century mansions and hundreds of property fires in the UK?

They were all caused by an electrical fault undetected in the fuse-box or consumer unit.
These can be detected by the Watch-it Viper unit before a fire can start.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Watch-it Viper is the only device that can prevent these fires before they start and before any damage is caused to the installation.

Patented Design

Patented Design

The Viper's patented design instantly shuts off the power and notifies the owner/manager by phone/text.

Fit and forget

Fit and forget

The Viper is a fit and forget device, uses existing components, is simple to install, on duty 24/7 and in the event of an incident is easily reset once the fault has been rectified.


Scale of the problem

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service produced a report FIRES ORIGINATING IN ELECTRICAL INTAKES that showed in their region alone they have attended a mean average of just over 14 incidents a year, or more than one per month where fires have originated 'before the meter'. This tallies with a report by Schlumberger Business Consulting for EDF show that the probability of there being an incident involving any service termination (cut out fuse) in any one year was 1 in 30,000.


Scale of the market

There are around 25 million dwellings in the UK and a similar number of commercial premises, 20,000 registered care homes, over 12,000 hotels with more than 10 bedrooms, not to mention schools, libraries and museums with valuable content.
All need this protection



The Watch-It Viper is available for Licencing


In More Detail

Fires in the consumer unit (fuse board) or intake area are usually caused by worn or loose connections. The current still flows but due to electrical resistance the terminals overheat, melting the insulation and eventually catching fire with devastating results.

Normal precautions (RDCs, MCBs etc) and physical inspections are very unlikely to pick this up.
Even the 17th edition metal consumer units have vulnerable plastic insulated cables passing through them.

Add to this the intakes are often under stairs (means of escape) or in cupboards with flammable cleaning materials and you have a recipe for disaster.

The Viper's sensors detect overheating in the intake area before it can damage cable insulation or other parts of the installation and cut off the power, setting off an audible alarm and alerting you by phone or text.

Other products require much higher, damaging temperatures before operating or simply attempt to extinguish the fire without cutting of the power, risking re-ignition. The Viper is re-settable and requires no parts to be replaced after an incident.

Detects Fire

Detects fire before sufficient heat had built up enough to do any damage, it is proactive not reactive.


Re-settable without replacement or repair.

Easily Incorporated

Easily incorporated in existing intake areas by a qualified electrician.

Multiple Sensors

Can have multiple sensors attached to one unit.

Alerts owners

Reports to the owner/occupier when an incident has occurred.

Modest Cost

Cost is modest as it uses existing well tested components.