About Us

Watch-It safety Innovations is run by Ian Wedlake and Alan Radford who have been working together now for about 6 years on a variety of safety related products.

To date they have designs for overheat detection in plugs, sockets, junction boxes and especially consumer units, as well as other non-electrical related products. Recent development has also been the prevention of fires in household white goods.

Who we are

We are a small team of people passionate about safety, be it in the home or in the work environment.

What we do

From observation we observe there are many areas where safety is lacking. From these observations we research and develop ways of improving and incorporating safety into everyday life to the benefit of all concerned.

Why we do it

There are many areas where people are at risk and it gives us great satisfaction to produce something that will improve their safety. Many of our products will save lives by simply making people more aware of their environment and preventing some of the tragedies that occur.