Watch-It Safety Innovations: 
Providing simple and innovative solutions to safety problems.

We believe in creating solutions that prevent fire and flood damage to property before it starts (unlike most products that limit damage after it has occurred). Our products are on duty 24/7 to protect you and your property giving you peace of mind.

Watch-it Viper

The Watch-it 

Prevents electrical fires 
before they start.

Watch-it Scorpion

The Watch-it Scorpion.

Detects overheating before the heat can do any damage.


About Us

Watch-It safety Innovations is run by Ian Wedlake and Alan Radford who have been working together now for about 6 years on a variety of safety related products. 

To date they have designs for overheat detection in plugs, sockets, junction boxes and especially consumer units, as well as other non-electrical related products. Recent development has also been the prevention of fires in household white goods.


Electric Fires/Heaters & Scrap Wood

We become complacent at our peril. This time we were very lucky.


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Fire at National Trust's Clandon Park

Fire at National Trust's Clandon Park

‘300 years of history go up in flames’ as twelve fire engines and 60 firefighters try to save...



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Who we are

Ian Wedlake


Phone Ian on 07720 758222

Our Head of Innovation, Ian has spent a lifetime in the building and electrical world and has developed a skill for analysing problems and creating solutions. After he and Alan met a few years ago they decided to develop some of these ideas further. Ian lives in the north Somerset coastal town of Watchet and so the name of the company reflects both its heritage and purpose in solving everyday safety related problems.

Alan Radford


Phone Alan on 07855 540501

Alan is our Technical Manager. Following a long career as a commercial airline pilot and as an engineering enthusiast he has a meticulous and careful approach with an understanding of complex problems, which ensures proper development of products. His wide range of contacts around the business world has been invaluable in his role providing a source of expertise in many fields and his steadying influence keeps us on track.